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Dear blogger and blog readers,

I am happy to welcome you to my blog "Turning Point"

I created (actually recreated, the first one being unsatisfying) this blog in order to share with you guys my love for fashion ;)
It's been a long time, since I've wanted to create a blog to express myself and give a shout out to the world. Finally and hopefully I will be able to do that with "Turning Point".

Ever since I was younger, I've had a tendency for pretty things, which only grew stronger while I grew up. Turning me into an aspiring fashion designer when I was sixteen. A career that I did not purchase, turning to economic studies. Nevertheless, that dream holds an important place in heart and life.

But who knows! We say "It is never to late."...maybe one day ;))

Why "Turning Point"?

I've chosen this title, referring to the year 2012, which has been a very satisfying year for me, but also is the year I decided to create my blog.
2012, a stage in my life when I could finally start doing what I wanted, taking new steps toward my future and pursuing my dreams. One of which was...having a blog ^^

I will try to come up regularly with an article. And I hope that you will take as much pleasure in reading it then me in writing it.



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3 commentaires :

  1. Chère Stéphie, j'ai fini par trouver ton blog de mode après pas mal de recherche. Bien fait, belles images, super cool, c'est clair, j'adore. Julian, Photographe de mode.

    1. Salut Julian! Oui je vois que tu m'a retrouvé. Ravie que cela te plaise. A bientôt. :)

  2. Hello Stephanie, avec du retard je te fais un petit coucou, on s'était rencontré au Labo Ethnik (Alain picthialstyle et picthialstreet) bravo pour ton blog au plaisir.


Thank you for your comment, it brings me joy and motivation. Much Love, xo Stéph

Merci pour ton commentaire, il me donne la joie et la motivation. Bisous, Stéph
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